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Cliché manufacturing equipment

Tampo Techniek Nederland BV also known as TTN has been a manufacturer of
pad printing equipment and consumables for more than 35 years. During this period, TTN has
grown into a very experienced supplier for the pad printing industry.

Pad printing clichés manufacturing equipment

At TTN, we can supply you with everything you need to make your own pad printing cliché plates. Besides that, our specialists are at your disposal if you have questions about making clichés yourself. Below you will find an overview of our cliché manufacturing equipment.

Equipment for the manufacturing of polymer pad printing clichés

he water- and alcohol washable pad printing clichés from our product range are made by the company Flint (previous known under the name of BASF) this cliché manufacturer build their own equipment to expose, wash and dry their cliché plates. We have this equipment in our product range. For additional technical information:

UV exposure units

These units are available in many different qualities and sizes, with or without vacuum system. Additional technical information:

TTN polymer cliché washing unit

Equipment for washing out photopolymer pad printing clichés. With this device you are able to wash out polymer pad printing cliché plates evenly. The evenly pressure assures that the cliché depth is the same in the complete surface of the plate. The unit is operated manually. This unit can be used for water washable and alcohol washable pad printing cliché plates.
This unit is available in 2 sizes:

KW 25 35 suitable for max. cliché size 250x350mm.
KW 25 50 suitable for max. cliché size 250x500mm.

Raster films

To make photopolymer or steel cliché plates, you need raster films to apply a certain raster in the artwork. The type of raster you use, decides for a large part how deep your cliché will be. For large images, it also has the function that it carries the blade or ink cup over the artwork, assuring you don’t scrape the ink out of the cliché. The raster films are available in different versions.

Plush brush

These brushes are used for 2 purposes. They are used for washing the water washable pad printing clichés or the alcohol washable pad printing clichés. They can also be used for the etching of steel pad printing cliché plates. With the steel plates you can use the brush to rub the cliché gently during the etching process. You will get a better cliché if you do this.

Rubber gloves

Important for your personal protection against the chemicals you use during the cliché manufacturing.


You can use the washtray for washing out the water washable pad printing clichés or the alcohol washable pad printing cliché plates.

Etch- and develop-trays

Gear for the manufacturing of steel pad printing clichés. These stainless steel trays are used to develop and etch the steel cliché plates. These trays are available in 2 sizes:

450x80x200mm (LxBxH)
650x80x200mm (LxBxH)

Etch hooks

Gear for the manufacturing of steel pad printing cliché plates. With this hook, you can hold the cliché plates during the etching and developing process. They are made out of stainless steel, and therefore resistant against nitric acid.

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